Food Resupply = Complete!

Yesterday we achieved the major milestone of completing all of the food boxes that we need to mail  ourselves along the PCT.  That, along with the fact that we seem to have found a renter for our place, has made this feel like quite a productive week on the through-hike front.  Just a few more pieces of peripheral gear, some big decisions around whether we'll be drinking coffee along the trail or going on a headache inducing detox, a couple of permits for entry into Canada via the PCT, and probably actually some more food boxes because what we have is actually just the bare bones of what we would ideally have to cut down on town time..., and we'll be there!

Getting to this point feels great though.  We've been dehydrating and packing since I think November, so it feels like it's been a huge process!  In reviewing our food broadly, I think we've done okay with giving ourselves some variety, but a concern is that we're relying pretty heavily on fat and protein calories (a necessity to achieve the caloric density needed for longer carries).  I'm wondering how the ol' GI track is going to hold up to that onslaught of heavy calories.  We probably also need to do some experimenting we rehydrating tofu, because we have a lot of dinners made of it.  (Anyone have any experience/tips in that area?) 

 If folks want to see exactly what is in our boxes, the spreadsheet is here: SPREADSHEET