Long Walk from Dublin to Santiago

Good people!  Our friends Rob and Julie Clements at Johnnie Fox's

Hey Folks -

We made it to Dublin for the start of our Camino, but there's a bunch of water between here and Spain, so we're flying out tomorrow for Biarritz, France, from which we'll catch a cab to the beginning of the Camino in St Jean Pied-de-port.  The trip over was as good as 15 hours of flying and 24 of total travel can be - we got upgraded to first class on the way from Seattle to NYC (free drinks!) and got bulkhead seating on the way from NYC to London, then were somehow the only people at our customs line so made it through really quickly. Watched a bunch of good movies en route (The Hobbit, Warm Bodies, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall).  Our flight was delayed in London due to the fact that Heathrow seems to be a big chaotic mess at baseline, but made it to Dublin only about 45 minutes later than planned, yesterday around noon.

Last night we walked around town like zombies in the rain, but it made us feel like we were home in Seattle - 60 and drizzly - especially when we were eating at a little pub with lots of local microbrewed ales. We slept a good 12 hours overnight, and feel a lot better today.  We had a great chance to catch up with our friends Rob and Julie, who we haven't seen in about five years, but who live here now.  They took us to the "highest pub in Ireland" - literally. Johnny Fox's, whose altitude is higher than any other pub, and which has been in use for quite a while - it was a proper Irish pub out in the country outside of Dublin.  After that we wandered through a spot called St. Stephen's Green, which was donated to the city by the Guinness family.  Then we saw the Book of Kells (kind of cool, and the kind of thing you feel like you should do if you're in town), en route to which we happened upon a crowd that was gathered to get a view of Michelle Obama, who won't quit following us around.  (Actually, she is in town with Barry for the G8 Summit.) Tonight we'll probably go to another Irish Pub, b/c what else would we do?  Then  tomorrow, it's off to France to meet up with Kiera and Lillie, and then the start of the Camino on Wednesday!

More pic's will be up on Facebook soon!


Adventure Mom said…
I'm glad you made it there safely. I've always wanted to visit Ireland!