Day 1: St Jean to Roncevilles

Hey everybody!  quick update today because I´m on the annoying expensive pay internet, and I can´t upload photos, but we finished our first day on the Camino.  So far it´s fantastic!  We walked slash ran through some of the foothills of the Pyrenees and the experience is great.  Little cheap cafes every 10 kilometers or so, so we walked, ran, and ate, and that´s pretty much it.  Tonight we´re staying in a cool old monastary.  pictures and more details to come when I have some more time!


Unknown said…
The coin operated internet access was by far the most frustrated thing I encountered while on the Camino and trying to stay on top of my blogging and sharing of photos with friends, family and followers. Hang in there! The big cities have more options. ¡Buen Camino!