Philosophy of a Running Blog

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I’m 32, and I’m a middling recreational marathoner dabbling in trail running.  My biggest racing accomplishment has been finishing 8th at a 5k through the middle of the Cincinnati Zoo last year.  I live on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and roads are fine, but what I really like to do is run through the woods and the mountains and daydream about being awesome, and take pictures to put on Facebook that will make everyone realize just how awesome I really am.  Someday soon I’m going to run an ultramarathon, and soon after that I’ll feign modesty when I tell everyone that I ran an ultramarathon.

I’ve had various personal blogs during the past 6 years, and I’ve never had more than about 40 readers a day at the absolute peak.  I’m planning to post about once a month here for the next year and a half until I finish nursing school, after which I hope to ramp things up to about once a week.  My main goals are 1) to practice writing about running so that someday I can put out a ridiculously brilliant and lucrative running memoir, 2) compile a bunch of cool running videos in one place, and 3) write about running for my friends - most of whom aren’t really into it.

I say all of this as a way to set out the expectations.

We’ll see if this turns in to anything interesting.  I’ll do my best to not make it the training log of a middling 32 year old marathoner.  It’s going to be really important.  Running as a metaphor for life - Chariots of Fire, and similar crap.