A Tribute to my Mom and Brother

I haven't posted here in a month and a half, but I would like to take some time today to mark a couple of momentous occasions happening in my family's life this week.


Last Saturday my brother completed a process of uprooting his life, selling all of his things, quitting his dead-end (but stable and decently paying) job, and moving in with a friend in Manhattan. I have to admit that he's displayed some impressive huevos - he lived his entire life in Dayton, Ohio and surrounds, complaining pretty much the entire 34 years, and finally took the plunge to try to do something big to improve his life, worthy of the setup for a '80s sitcom. I've moved around a lot, but I've had Angel (and her guaranteed ability to find work as a nurse), and to make this kind of move on your own is seriously ballsy. In my experience ballsy moves pay off, because after you make them you're forever known as the kind of person who is willing to make ballsy moves to accomplish things. I'm seriously proud, and seriously excited. Shayne's among the funniest people I know, but has spent most of his life toiling away in obscurity, and Manhattan's going to provide much more fertile soil for his talents then Dayton did. I'm rooting for him to meet some celebrity, glom on to them, and become a well-paid member of their entourage. He's just into town, and will be working to get his foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, so if you have a job, give it to him, or if you know Tracy Morgan, invite Shayne to one of his parties.

But seriously folks, congrats Shayne - I'm impressed that you did this, and I'm rooting for you to fight your way through the masses and carve out your niche in the big city. And to write a book about it. And to recognize that you should be proud of yourself for being the kind of person who does this sort of thing.

My Mom

Tomorrow is going to mark just as significant of a transition for my Mom, who will be finishing up her career as a pre-school teacher and small-business owner after years of co-running Rainbow Preschool with her sister. Tomorrow is their final closing program, and it will mark the end of an era. She's dedicated her life to education, and to getting kids started out on the right path, and has impacted thousands of kids and families across the years. Their 'Rainbow Preschool Alumni' group on Facebook has close to a hundred members, which might not sound like much, but which is an indicator of great work and a commitment to staying in contact with kids after they leave and providing continued support. How many people reading this even remember the name of their preschool, let alone stay in contact with their teachers on Facebook years later? It's just a small indicator of their impact.

My mom's gift to me (and to my siblings) was always that she threw as much energy into raising us correctly, and putting up with our crap as most other people put into their careers and to themselves. I honestly don't know anyone who had a better mom then I do. Her gift to the world, I think, has been an innate ability and developed skill to nurture, and particularly to nurture children at a time when their personalities and values are just starting to be formed. Finishing up at Rainbow Preschool isn't exactly a retirement, but it will be a major career transition - she's going to keep working, and (like Shayne) will be trying to sort out what to do next with her skills and experience. It's going to be difficult, but I'm excited for her too, as she takes a big step out into a new situation, and a bunch of new opportunities to do good and love people, which are ultimately the things that she's really good at.

Every once in a while things happen that make you think back on life, and I can't help but look back now and feel really lucky to have the family that I do, and really proud to be a member of the Mathis clan. I love you guys, and I'm wishing you all the best!


Mom said…
things that make your mother cry...

I love you!