Episcopal Diocesan Emergence Report: Year One

Commission for Emerging Mission (CFEM)

‘Companioning Congregations and Leaders in Emerging Church and Mission’

CFEM Mission:
To support and resource Episcopal parishes and leaders in starting new forms of church or outreach, reaching out to 'under 35s,' and gaining new skills and competencies for engaging mission within emerging culture and the postmodern world.

CFEM helps congregations and leaders learn skills for sharing the Anglican witness to the Christian Gospel in today’s postmodern and post Christian culture.

CFEM Provides:

A network of support or those engaging new forms of church or mission.

Mission consultations for parishes re: new forms of church or mission.

Resources: diocesan NING and mission newsletter (coming in 2010).

Workshops and Learning Parties on mission topics from: emerging liturgy, and technology for ministry, to emerging
leadership and new monasticism. Practica: ‘how to' and skill building sessions for leaders.

Pioneer Missioners placed in congregations to engage emerging mission projects (coming in 2010).

Baptismal Covenant Groups and events for young adults in local congregations.

CFEM 2009 Scope of Work

Building A Community of Emerging Leaders:

In 2009, CFEM has connected with hundreds of Episcopalians and community members, hosting and co-sponsoring:

- Four ‘Conspiracy’ Parties
- Stone Soup Young Adult Retreat
- Bi-Weekly Theology Pubs in Seattle
- Young Adult BBQ at Diocesan House
- Eucharist during Pride Week and an Episcopal presence in the Pride Parade
- Young Adult Pub Trivia Night
- Young Adult Gathering at Convention
- Major Benefit Concert for the\ AIDS organization Multi-faith Works

Partnering with Parishes and Community Organizations:

2009 Partnerships:

St. Mark's Cathedral, Church of the Apostles, Christ Church, Puyallup, St. Andrew's, Seattle, St. Andrew's, Port Angeles, The Commission for Evangelism, The Commission for Youth and Young Adults, The Commission on Ministry, Multifaith Works, The Human Sexuality Group, Integrity Puget Sound, The Fremont Abbey Arts Center, and Mars Hill Graduate School.

In 2009, CFEM events raised approximately $10,000 to benefit ERD and local and international service organizations.

Educating for Emerging Church and Mission:

2009 CFEM workshops:

- James K. Wellman Clergy Day presentation
- Ian Mobsby Clergy Day presentation
- Anglimergence workshop at Ministry Resource Day
- Theology Pub workshop at Diocesan Convention
- ‘Seizing the Episcopal Moment: Emerging Cultures and Anglican Futures’ at the Fremont Abbey

Preparing Leaders for the Future of the Church:

CFEM is partnering with the Commission on Ministry to develop the Pioneer Missioner Pilot Project - a first-in-the-nation effort to recruit, train and ordain emerging Episcopal ministry pioneers, building on the learnings of the Church of England's ‘Fresh Expressions’ program and interdenominational best practices.

CFEM Commissioners

J.R. Lander
Carol Everson
Eliacin Rosario Cruz,
Susan Tyree Cuevas
James Thibodeaux
Tom Sine
Jordan Rickard
Jon Myers
Ben Newland
Kathy Hamilton
(Liaison, Youth/Young Adults)
Gregory H. Rickel
(Bishop Diocesan)
CFEM Staff Team
Blaire Notrica
(GLBT Liaison)
Tim Mathis
(Community Catalyst)
Karen Ward (Chair)