The Diversity Culture by Matthew Raley

The latest book I picked up for free from the folks at The Ooze was The Diversity Culture by Matthew Raley. It's a book written for fat conservative Baptists sitting in San Francisco coffee bars trying to convert post-moderns.

It's not that it's a bad book - it's an earnest and insightful introduction to modern Stuff White People Like culture, actually, written by a conservative minister in rural California. The author writes well, and seems like a nice and genuine guy who understands modern American culture. It's just that this is another one of those "us vs. them" how-to books - "if you want to save the pomos and the homos, you've got to ________". He really cares about us, and he's not a bigot or anything, he just wants us to convert from our immoral and unrighteous ways. I'm sure you could find similar examples with the Muslims and the Jews and the Catholics and the Gays and the Teens and the Commies. Good for him for being honest about intentions, but the schtick is getting old. Nice try, but the book just left this pomo with a bad taste in his mouth. Evangelical brothers, it's time to recognize your intellectual place in the diversity culture with a bit of humility, just like the rest of us.