I'm a Postulant

My mind hasn't been firing on all cylinders today so this won't be as long or intelligent as I'd like it to be, but I wanted to let the blogosphere know that I'm officially a Postulant now - meaning I've been passed on by the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia to go to seminary and do lots of other things in preparation for the Priesthood. I found out yesterday, and I'm waiting for marching orders as to what comes next. I'm hoping to start at Seattle U. in the Fall (it's basically right next door to my house) and participate in our new Pioneer Missioner Program doing innovative and interesting things. We shall see how reality unfolds.

For those who have tracked this blog/my discernment process from the beginning, this is the biggest hoop I've jumped through yet, where my chances of becoming a priest (I'm told) go from about 20% to about 80%. It now becomes a bit harder to screw things up. I'm happy and relieved to be here, and feeling like the real work can finally begin. I'll start by finding out if Satan exists.

(Oh, and to answer many a follow up question, it still likely going to be 3-5 years before I'm actually ordained.)


That is AWESOME news Tim! Congrats! And the journey continues.....