Gilbert's Syndrome

Following on some tests I had to have done for the priest-process, it looks like I probably have this.

A few months ago, Angel thought I had asthma, which I was kind of hoping was true so that when I didn't want to do something, I could complain "But my ASTHMA..." like a child. Turns out I don't have it - I just got too much dust in my lungs one day.

Now this. Gilbert's Syndrome! Ohh! Sounds scary right! Actually, the potential for cardiovascular benefit from the syndrome is greater than the potential for any actual negative symptoms. Entirely benign. Now what am I supposed to use as an excuse?

(Rather than making light of serious medical issues, I'm trying to use humor here to diffuse any latent fear that people might have when hearing that I have a 'syndrome'. I let that cat out of the bag on Facebook, and I just want to be clear that I'm fine. Clean bill of health.)


will it make you start singing "Alone Again Naturally?"