It all comes down to this

This Friday/Saturday is BACOM, or a weekend that I've been building up to for three official years and seven unofficial years before that. I actually started this blog on MySpace in the buildup to this event, and this time next week the Diocese should know whether they'll make me a postulant (that is, tell me to go on to seminary and then likely the priesthood) or not. I'm guessing that I will find out soon after.

I'm actually not that stressed about it. I've come to a place of amity with my old nemesis, the future. Whatever happens I'm confident that I'll be able to scrape together a living and a sense of purpose. I'm also relatively confident that I'll be put forward as a postulant - I've gotten significant support from a variety of quarters with no one telling me I shouldn't be doing this. Time and committees will tell, but as I said, I'm at peace.

In a point of interest to readers of this blog, at the end of last week I got a somewhat unsettling mass email about the weekend in which each member of the group was asked to prepare (quite literally) a song and dance, or some other demonstrable talent for the committee, to show 'another side of ourselves'. I'll likely be doing a reading of one of my postings from here. Probably not this one, although that is one of my favorite posts ever.


did you really say "a song or dance"? what about magic? or puppetry?
Anonymous said…
magic and puppetry would also be fine. the things that go on behind closed doors in the Episcopal Church :)
Anonymous said…
The Ordination Hokey-Pokey?

I'm sure that would go down well and be fairly representative of the way the system "works".

Anonymous said…
Oh, and what's the difference between BACOM and BACON?

There isn't any way - you get fried either way.