The First Video I've Ever Seen, or Why I Love the Internet

Last night Angel and I were doing that thing that everyone does when they're bored where they get on YouTube and look up old music videos from their childhood. "Hit" by the Sugarcubes is burned into my mind as the first video I ever saw - probably at about age 5, at my aunt and uncle's house. I loved the song and the video scared the crap out of me. We didn't have MTV at my house, and I didn't come across the song again until I was in college, though I had long recognized Bjork's voice as the one from my nightmares. When I heard "Hit" again I instantly recognized it as that great song with the scary erotic video with the moving dolls. I hadn't seen the video again until recently online, but I stand by my childhood assessment. Funny the things that stick with you.


Shayne Mathis said…
Ugh, I forgot about that song. The Sugarcubes were so weird. Gotta love 'em. That's getting added to my MySpace now