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Talking to ourselves about Death and Pornography

This is the kind of thing I think about on my days off

This one's on you, Big Guy or, Oh look Shayne took Philosophy 101 too or, Dodging hammers and hillbillys

Nolte's Wisdom


Evangelism and Mission, or Communities prepare to be catalyzed

This town is for the dirty bums

This is awesome.

Good Time Reflections, or Feeling Unusually Earnest

Vicki Gene vs. Pastor Rick

Quote of the Day

Am I being too honest for my own good? or Expanding on Shayne's post on Shadow People, or Me working through my own issues.

aww man

Expanding on Tim's early posting (or, Look at the church people dance funny.)

Attacked By Shadow People!!!

Movie Recommendation: Be Kind Rewind

Watch this all the way through, because it has an awesome solo.

Some Reflections on Hawaii

I'm back