Lunatics - 1, Women - 0

I know this news is a week old but, sadly, I don't know anyone who's aware of it. Read up, women especially:,0,6352558.story

Did you get raped and are seeking emergency contraception? Are you currently pregnant and seeking information from your doctor about getting an abortion? Are you simply trying to get a prescription for Yasmin filled at your local Wal-Mart? Well, come January 19th 2009, you better hope your health care provider isn't a religious fundamentalist or a crazed pro-lifer because now they can deny you those services AND it'll be 100% legal. Make no mistake, this is already going on all over the country. But soon you will have no legal recourse if Mary Sue the Bible-thumping pharmacy tech decides filling your birth control script violates her "moral code".

I'm sure this regulation is going to be overturned and I'm sure the Bush administration knows it. This is just a final, giant middle finger to something Bush Jr. has shown constant disdain for over these last eight years - basic human rights. Here's to hoping that rational minds prevail in this case and that President Elect Obama somehow manages to stink-palm Dubbya on inauguration day.