Ridiculous Black Metal Videos

I love black metal, I really do. But I think it's time BM bands put a stop to making videos. You're not helping your image guys...

Dimmu Borgir - The Sacrilegious Scorn

Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog
Is that Bull from Night Court at 0:43 seconds?

Naglfar - The Perpetual Horrors
This on'e kind of boring...meh.

Satyricon - Mother North
Now this is more like it!

Hecate Enthroned - An Ode To A Haunted Wood
Nothings scarier than walking around the woods in daylight wearing make-up.

Immortal - Blashyrkh
Immortal ist krieg!

Immortal - Call of the Wintermoon
You have to watch this. Words don't do it justice.


Unknown said…
When you're soaked by violent media as a child, it becomes impossible to view this sort of thing without an ironic chuckle.

Didn't these people watch enough violent films as children?
Shayne Mathis said…
Actually a lot of black metal bands, the first wave at least, probably really weren't exposed to a lot of violence. Black metal originated in Norway; a country with a good education system, strong economy and very low crime rate.

Black metal is a weird genre, it's steeped in irony but most of the musicians and fans don't seem to be aware of it. The whole scene was initially born as a reaction against Christianity in Norway. In the past, members of prominent black metal bands have burned dozens of historic churches in and around Norway and beaten, kidnapped, raped or murdered people. But, at the same time, their stage personas are so grand guignol you can't take them seriously unless you're completely immersed in the scene. It's like gangsta rap in the 90s.