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Halloween, a Hallmark Holiday? Say it ain't so.

Scapegoating the minorities again.

Happy Halloween from our old friend Andy

Say it ain't so Joe!

I love the Neti Pot

Readers in Minnesota:

Randy Newman and Mark Knopfler know what's up.

Home sick again

David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

Socialism, in short

An open letter to Ohio ( or, Even more reasons why we hate us)

Why we hate us.

Death Coming Before Resurrection and All That...

Also nice to have a little clarity for once

It's good to have some options

Relatively Faithful Concert Review: Richard Swift, or Lady Luck, She is Lovely

Back on Top

'Tis the season

Relatively Faithful up to date (?!) book review: Phyllis Tickle's "The Great Emergence"

Comic Relief


Our other African-American leader friend whose Christianity is frequently called into question...

Barack Obama = suicide bomba?!

I'm afraid of Americans

Today I'm thinking:

Fun times in the Shaynetatorship! (or, This is how you get an FBI file.)

Here's something funny from Saturday Night Live

A New Contemplative: Timely reflections from a night time blog walk down Broadway.

New Feature: now explaining ourselves.

Despite the problems, this just warms my heart

Other than that, everything's great.

What profit hath a man of all his labor which he taketh under the sun?

Bite Sized Blog Post #3: Seattle: Support Nickelsville!

Pictures from Conspiracy 1 last Friday:

This guy has me pegged to a 't'