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Relatively Faithful Outdated Music Review: The Cave Singers "Invitation Songs"

The most expensive concert I've ever attended.

Now posting (also) at Mustard Seed Associates

There's creepy and then there's Craig from MySpace...

Who's Johnny?

Blog Walk: Whistler, or "The Possibility of Transformation is the Essence of Hope" - John Ortberg

(can't think of a title)

1/2 employed again

More complaining about health care

Did you know that this is the lead singer of the New York Dolls?


Articles for your reading pleasure, while I'm in away from the desk.

It's the Economy, Stupid (or, From Canada, With Love)

Slow blog week

Scripture, Tradition, and Reason (please, please, please include Reason!)

Slapped back to reality

Less Therapeutic. Thanks Josh. No Comment.

Ahh...therapy (thanks Roberta)

a disheartened 'sigh' to politics in America

Local (acquaintances) Rap(ping)

Relatively Faithful Outdated Book Review: Matthew Fox's 'Confessions'