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This is what I get for paying attention to the news...

Not my trip to San Francisco

This is how I roll!

The Telegraph's 50 Most Influential Anglicans

Other people's pictures of the Churches we'll be sleeping in next week.

Random Thoughts from a busy week.


Capitol Hill Blog Party


Feral Island Teens

Emergent pope speaks at Lambeth

And the Lord Said, "Let there be Assault Rifles"

On Heaven

My Liturgical Dance for the Presiding Bishop

Tracking Lambeth...

There was going to be a new blog here...

Pics from Mount Rainier

Google Referral of the Day


Total page views of the BEASTTT!

More NZ Music

Maybe you'll find this unusual...

Welcome Archers of Loaf fans!

Welcome To My Nightmare

Today we had a hit from someone in Germany who searched "Giant Boobs" on Google

Tommy Dean

"And there's a chance that things will get weird, yeah that's a possibility."

Take this Jean-Paul Sartre!

More Viral Videos: Baby Got Book

Ice Cream Trucks in Seattle are Universally Creepy

New Zealand boy makes it big

America smiling through clenched teeth


My Favorite Email Scam Ever

Church Unity? Who gives a crap!


Not QUITE as funny as the Will Ferrel GW video from 2004...but close.