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I have to admit that I'm moved by this site

lots of random photos from two recent trips


Murder City Redux

Dangerously Faithful

Baby Gramps and Tommy Dean

Back and Forth

Capitol Hill Religion: For the Jew, the Italian and the Red Head Gay

Do you ever get the feeling that we've already gone too far?

Relatively Faithful Review of the Film "Prince Caspian"

T&A Beyond Oyster Dome

Popular attractions...

I beg to differ sir. I'm pretty sure Emilio Estevez was not in "Red Dawn"

Blog Walk: Capitol Hill to Discovery Park

Oh Crap. Seismic Retrofit

Fill out my new poll!

Religion on Capitol Hill

Everyone should be Japanese.

Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win

A story and a rant on health care.

Obama '08

Right now...

I'm so postmodern.

religious oppression is all relative

The Social Fabric Crisis

Sex-Positive Christianity?

Some pictures people sent me this morning.

It's a nice day and I'm at work, so of course I've got a lot of time to find great new blogs.

Sharing and Caring

Party Time

Liberal Thoughts from a walk in the Seattle rain

Cute Goosies

Because I can't think for myself...

You'll get this if you're from Southern Ohio...

And my home at heart

Oooohhh...Pics from the original Mathis boys' home