Why I Invited Shayne Along

(Me in the Christian Ghetto with +++Jefferts Schori)

Two brothers: the priest and the agnostic: sounds like a great hook for a Christian blog with marketing potential. Indeed, part of the motivation in inviting my brother to begin posting on this generally religiously focused site was that I want to trick more people into reading it. I just wanted to put that on the table for you up front so you don't feel betrayed when you find out the truth, that we both want internettention.

The point isn't to become the next successful corporate bloggers though. I just read in the paper that the pros log 16 hour days and suffer from chronic exhaustion, and I don't want that. Rather, as this site has developed a small bit of regular readership, it struck me that it could actually be turned into something more interesting than just another emerging church blog. My brother being much funnier than me, and having a much different approach to faith and life, offers a good counterpoint to my endless blabbering complaints about my privileged middle-class Christian existence. As it is, I spend enough time in the Christian ghetto that I don't need to do more of it online. Or, rather, I at least need to work on bussing in some of the kids from the other side of the tracks to even my experience out a bit. I've always liked challenges and dialogue, and I think it will be great to see what happens as we start to develop an ongoing record of our varied, and extremely important, views on life--me posting as the liberal Christian in Seattle, he as the liberal agnostic in C-Bus, Ohio. My hope is that we'll become the Hannity and Colmes of the blogosphere, providing at least as many laughs and as much important insight into life as they do.


Anonymous said…
16 hours?? Jebus Crispus.
I must say, watching the blog evolve from your dreary discernment process into the present form with actual readership has been quite enjoyable. Not that I didnt like your discernment writings--they allowed me to see how you grew out of the person I knew as Tim. I know next to nothing about what my friends think or how they've changed since school. You're one of the few that isnt afraid to split your skull open and spill bloody thoughts on the table. I'm not sure why you're so open to people you dont know, or why you still do this, but hey--its entertaining...at times.