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bell hooks, inequality, illness, and so forth.

Action at St. Mark's...

Blog Walk: Vancouver

(me)defining Anglimergent Theology

Headed to Vancouver


Holy Time

Rowan Williams on the Sacramentality of Sex

A pragmatic Theology of Sex?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

And the dialogue opens again...

Hey, I met this guy in New Zealand too. (Well, I saw him on tv there anyway).

Blog buddy

Hey, I met this guy in New Zealand too!

Hey, I met this guy in New Zealand...

The Beginnings of an Episcopal Theology of Sex

Blog Walk Seattle: Belltown and Waterfront

Some pictoral highlights from our trip to Squamish, BC.

Fox News Lauds Akinola for his Support in the War on Terror

Things I like

Great music from buddies.