New job

So, Angel's running late, so maybe there's time for a quick post on my new job with Multifaith Works.

I went to the staff retreat last weekend, and met the crew. It's me, a guy just like me, and a bunch of gay guys and independent women. It should be awesome! Lots of interesting stories from the crew.

The organization does a lot of different work primarily with people with HIV/AIDS. In my wing, we organize teams from faith communities to partner with folks who need support that isn't provided by their caseworkers, friends or family. Basically they just build up a bigger network of friends for people who need it. In the process, volunteers are introduced to the world of life with AIDS. I help coordinate the teams, recruit volunteers and provide support.


OTN said…
Tim, gay guys and some women. This sounds like an excellent story.
Unknown said…
Actually, add a few hipsters and some prototypical suburbanites and it's the story of my life.