I'm a Cuban Revolutionary

So, I've seen several films in the last few months on Cuba, both of which I'd heartily recommend picking up from your local library. It seems that they've figured out how to live post-oil, farming almost entirely organically and essentially building a self-sufficient island nation. They've also figured out how to organize a successful national healthcare system on a shoestring, maintaining a level of health that's greater than in the United States by all of the most common indicators. Island folks, it seems, have a natural understanding of the limitation of resources (we found the same thing in New Zealand) and put more intelligent energy into building sustainable societies than we tend to here in the bountiful mainland U.S. of A. There's a lot we could learn, if we didn't hate those dirty commies so much for letting the Russians point missiles at us back in the day, and for having a president with too much power (though we seem to be getting used to that concept here in Bush's Amuracuh). The good news is that as citizens of the Greatest Nation in the World, we don't need to learn nothin from nobuddy.