It's been a busy few weeks. For a rundown, Angel's mom arrived on October 31st, and we promptly took her to Broadway to see the men dressed as women, robots, etc. Then we remembered it was Halloween, and were happy to find that there was more variety than we'd expected! The following Friday we went to the Ballard Locks, the Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll, and Bainbridge Island. Saturday, I was preaching at our diocesan convention--in front of about 1000 priests and leaders--so we headed to Tacoma at 6 a.m. After that we ran by Ikea and to a friend's wedding at St. Margaret's. The next few days I worked and Angel entertained her mom somehow or another. On Friday we went to a friends party, where Angel's mom made friends with a 21 year old gay guy, and was talking about moving in with him by the end of the evening. The next day was her last day in town, so we drove from here to Snoqualmie Falls to Leavenworth and back, which was about 6 hours round trip. Then we went and had food and drinks with my cousin Sarah and her fiance Jim. Good times. The next day, it was back up to Bellingham at 6 a.m. for Angel's mom's flight home, then back to work for me. Since then it's been work, meeting, dinner with the Bishop, work, meeting, work, meeting, and now meeting again tonight. I'm beat.

While we were entertaining Angel's mom, Spencer and crew were playing yet another Murder City Devils reunion show in Austin, Texas. Here's a brief clip. More at www.YouTube.com

On Monday night I watched "If I should Fall from Grace: The Shane MacGowan Story". That guy has some substance abuse problems apparently. Who knew? Here's a clip of him singing.

I'm not sure if he's cleaned up at all or not--I've heard he has improved between Seattle Pogues shows. A few years back he showed up in sweatpants and a dirty white t-shirt. This year he was more normal, or so I hear. All I have to say is God bless him because he's one of the best musicians of our time.