I don't get it

After a huge meal, including much supposedly sleep inducing turkey, I'm not tired at midnight on thanksgiving night. As the kids say, what's up with that?!

Part of it is that I was excited to learn tonight that St. Mark's Cathedral might be starting to host Friday night indie rock concerts on a monthly basis. My mind is already churning with the theological and ecclesiastical possibilities! From what I understand, they're not talking about all that crappy "Christian Rock" either, but real musicians not using religion as a sales vehicle! Oh Joy! I'm totally going to try to talk some of the Bottle Boys into playing there.

The other part of it, I don't know. No caffeine; nothing. I just can't sleep.


Anonymous said…
in the most enthusiastic, evangelical voice, "thats awesome!"
Unknown said…
Thanks so much for your kind patronization. It's very appreciated.