The New Friars

Angel's got a lot of studying to do, so I've had a chance to pore through the book I picked up from the library today, called "The New Friars". It's on a really interesting movement in Christian Missions, and I'd recommend it to all of you. For the Asburians out there, it focuses on Word Made Flesh, the incarnational organization started by our own Chris Heurtz, and staffed by many Asburians. For the New Zealanders out there, it also focuses on Servants to Asia's Urban Poor, started by Kiwi Viv Grigg, sponsorer of Angel's trip to Indonesia, and current employer of Steve and Wendy Tripp. For those of you in the emerging community, it describes the missional approach that's so influential among you (us) urban hipsters. Because of all the connections there, lots of people that Angel and I know keep popping up unexpectedly. Get it at the library if you can (in the spirit of simple living espoused by these "new friars") or pick it up here.

It's interesting the overlap in philosophy between this and the church's emerging sense of mission--I think in this case missional theology has had a backwards influence--the experiences of those on the front lines, living in community with the poor, have been transforming the experiences of those back at home, living fat and happy.


Anonymous said…
Just wanted to say, I love the word sponsorer... so fun