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On the instinct that Fascists are bound to lose in America.

There is a historic thread in American culture that is, I think, also a basic human instinct, which could be called anti-authoritarianism . It's the instinct against allowing any one group or person to gain too much power. It's also the instinct that we're all in this together. When one person's life improves, others do too. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, and all that." Broadly speaking, in America both political and cultural conservatives and political and cultural progressives  feel this instinct at times, but I think it is a core spiritual energy behind progressivism. It's why universal healthcare, economic equality, and racial equality are generally seen as progressive ideals specifically. Progressivism, or leftist politics, is driven by the idea that creating a better world means leveling the playing field. That's the instinct a progressive will fight for, and it's why Antifa, for instance, is considered a left

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