We keep ending up in the mountains with friends

So by the good fortune of having friends who do cool things, it seems like we have some rough/likely plans shaping up for the next several months. It looks like we will be studying here in San Pedro through the end of next week, and then will spend a week working our way down to Costa Rica (via Antigua, El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela...?) to meet our friends Annie and Jeason Murphy and generally hang around the jungle/beach for a couple of weeks.

After that, for a bit of a curveball, it is looking like we will be catching a flight down the continent away from warm and sunny Centroamerica to chilly Chile. We'd planned on hanging around here and learning to surf, but two separate friends are going to be there in March/April, so we just couldn't pass up the chance! First the Santiago area with Susie Van Den Ameele then Puento Arenas and Torres del Paine with Jenn Hughes! Plus, who are we kidding anyway? La playa is nice but we are mountain folk.

After that, who knows? Maybe more classes in Bolivia where its cheap?