The next stage of our trip is in full swing. During the last week we've been hanging around Vegas seeing some of the sites and generally having a good time.  Angel started work, sort of - working a few hours at a new research center. I've been applying to a bunch of places, debating travel vs. prn vs longer-term options. A few bites but nothing set so far...

We had our room set up at Mom's place from our time here over the summer, so we've had a lot of free time and have made the most of it. So far we've: visited downtown Vegas a few times, biked the River Mountain loop (a 34 mile paved trail that loops from Henderson to Lake Mead to Boulder City and back), run a Fatass 25k at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City and met a few locals, hiked with my mom, and hung out with our friend Aggie who was down from Seattle to climb at Red Rocks.

On Saturday, Angel got a message from work that said they wouldn't need her to come in this week (it's a short but not interesting story), so we decided to make the most of it and spend this week dirtbagging around Utah and testing out the Subaru's capacities as an RV Camper.  Yesterday afternoon we drove to St. George (about 2 hours from Henderson) and went on a short run at Snow Canyon State Park before driving to the Zion NP area and car camping on some BLM land. Today it's raining so we're killing time in a coffee shop, applying to jobs, making some trip plans and getting over-caffeinated. We'll likely ride the shuttle through the Zion valley when we get up some motivation, then drive to the Bryce Canyon NP area and sleep in the back of the car again this evening.  Looks like sun the rest of the week!

The Southwest is amazing. It seems like somekind of bizzaro surreal dry rock world after 12 years in the PNW and NZ. Everything is so sunny and open and empty.

We'll probably spend this trip in Southern Utah (south of I-70), with Moab being our likely turnaround point.  If you have any suggestions of don't miss spots, let us know! Pics will pop up on Facebook as we go!