New Year's Resolutions: A Little Hikey

New Year's is always one of my favorite holidays - at least in principle if not always in execution.  I have a bit of a sappy sentimental streak, so it's always a nice opportunity to indulge in that, but I also really like the idea of new beginnings.  Nothing is ever finished. 

I've actually never been that big on New Year's resolutions though, if only because I never actually remember them long enough to sort out if I kept them.  In principle though, those kind of 'big decisions' made over drinks are only kind of important.  If Richard Dreyfuss taught us anything in What About Bob?, it was that the small, everyday decisions are the ones that really matter.  They eventually add up to big things, or at least put us in a position to make the big decisions.  If you can't do the small things every day, you can't do the big things.  But if you can:  compound interest and all that.

For the past 10 years or so, sometimes in a focused way, sometimes not, Angel and I have been doing little things to try to get life to a place where we want it to be: saving money even when we didn't have much of it, paying down bills rather than buying new things, driving crappy cars, shopping at thrift stores, making career choices that allow for maximum flexibility, prioritizing our marriage over other relationships, and staying active - particularly in the last five years, after we realized that getting older is actually a thing. 

This year all that should add up to some big things, if all goes as planned. 

Specifically, the April all of that should add up to a chance to pack up our stuff, rent out our apartment, fly to California and walk from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail on a little through-hiking adventure that's bigger than anything else we've taken on.  After that, the plan is to keep traveling as long as it's financially possible and personally enjoyable, so the sky's the limit.

A lot of folks are aware of our scheme, so this isn't exactly a first public announcement of intentions, but it is a note to say that I'm going to start blogging a bit about the PCT experience here, so most of my Runny posts will be put on hold in favor of Hikey ones.  Can't wait!

Prospero Ano y Felicidad everybody.