A quick update from outer space

Hey everyone -

I've been absent from this space the last few months.  Partly that's b/c night shift makes my brain stop working, but mostly it's that I'm focusing in 2014 on trying to write for other people's publications and "publications" besides my own blog to make people think I'm a legitimate writer.  I will continue to post some personal entries here, but I'm playing around trying to practice more journalistic styles and write some local history/news stories.

I'm running way behind on updates, but I'm excited about a couple of partnerships/connections that have been taking shape lately.  You'll probably see me writing most frequently at www.ultrapedestrian.com these days.  Our multi-talented friends Ras and Kathy are developing an interesting, innovative and fun multimedia presence there, and I'm excited to be contributing from time to time.   

I'm also really excited that in the March "Dirt" issue of Trail Runner Magazine I have an 8 page feature on the development of the Seattle ultra running community.  It's a double issue focused on the  culture of trail running, and it's a cool honor to be included.  You should buy it and/or get a subscription now!  The issue the story will be in comes out in stores on March 13th, and a ton of readers here contributed and were quoted in the story!

And in December Trey Bailey and I put together the first annual Washington Trail Ultra Awards - the WA Ultra Grimey's.  I'm hoping to develop some more projects with Trey for his site, Uphill Running.  

I have a bunch more ideas than I have time to produce, but I'm hoping 2014 is a year of fun writing projects alongside a lot more fun running adventures.

Thanks for reading everyone!