Days 1 - 4:St Jean to Lorca

Hey everybody,

I´ve realized that blogging from the camino will be suboptimal,. because it´s hard to find good internet, and we´d rather be drinking wine and eating tapas than being online, so these might be kind of sparse, but so far, the trip has been amazing!  great little spanish towns and awesome, cheap food everywhere!  we heard that you can survive on $30 euros a day (about $40), but the reality is that you can gorge yourself and drink as much wine as you want for $30 a day.  Spain´s amazing!

Our first few days were spent in intermittent rain, which wasn´t great because we were only prepared for warm weather and we got pretty cold, but we were in the mountains with a bunch of good people, so overall it was fantastic.  Yesterday we went through Pamplona (great city!) and really loved it, but the weather was heavy rain and terrible.  Today though, was beautiful and sunny.  We´ve already run slash walked through about a dozen beautiful, quaint small European towns, and one of them - Lorca, is where we´re staying tonight.  So far, the highlights are the food, the scenery, the people, the towns, and the hostels, so pretty much everything.  I´m sure I´ll write a lot about the Camino when we get back, but for now I´ll probably just provide intermittent short updates.  I´m posting photos on Facebook as we speak, so you´ll get a taste of what it´s been like so far if you´re on there.

We travelled with our friends Kiera and Lillie until today, and now we´re starting to push ahead a bit.  Planning on 18 or so miles a day on average, with a mix or running and walking fueled by ham sandwiches, awesome coffee and coca cola.  This place is amazing!