Camino days something through something.

Hey everyone! 

The last few days have been great.  After about three days of overcast and rainy, the last few have been mild and totally clear.  Beautiful.  We´ve been doing about 16 -18 miles a day for a total of about 120 this week so far.  I have a bit of tendonitis in my knee, but other than that, things are plugging along surprisingly well.  We´ve been running some and walking some, and taking it at a vacation pace.

Yesterday on the way into a university town called Logrono, we met the first other runner we´ve come across on the Camino - a world-class Australian marathoner living in London named Phil Sly who is doing like 40 miles a day to finish in two weeks.  We ran with him for about 10k, which is why I have knee tendonitis, I´m pretty sure. 

The place we´re staying in today is a small town named Najera with a fantastic hostal.  We´ve been meeting a lot of interesting people along the way, and eating a ton of cheap food. 

Apologies that these posts aren´t more thoughtful or interesting.  20 minutes of internet costs the same as a tapas or a beer here, so you can see why we´d ration our time!  We´re having a great time, and I hope to upload some more pictures later today!


Unknown said…
Awesome you found another runner! Here is my blog post about Logroño:
Unknown said…
Try to stop in Uterga just after Najera over the hill. You'll find the best Rioja wine I encountered the entire journey in a small convenient shop located near the main town square plaza that has a fountain next to the road. The shop is tiny with just about everything. Look for the unlabeled bottle of wine for 2 euros. It is simply amazing!!!
thank's for your information !