Just get up and keep running.

Bill Iffrig just trying to finish his freaking run.

First off, as I think we can all agree, screw people who bomb other people.  

Now that we have that out of the way, I just wanted to note that Bill Iffrig's awesome.  I don't know him any more than the other billion people who've seen this picture of him, but he represented Club Northwest, the Seattle running community, and runners in general so well yesterday.  This picture and his story have gone viral in part, I think, because it's so representative of the whole situation:  A tough, venerable old Runner (Bill, and the Boston Marathon itself) gets knocked down at the finish line by some asshole.  Then, they roll over, recover, and keep running.  Screw you asshole.  Endurance is what the marathon is about.

Here's a story and the really scary looking video of the first explosion and him going down, if you somehow haven't seen it yet.  I haven't read many stories online that actually give him his due as a runner.  At 78, he's one of the top age group runners in the country, and finished 2nd in his age group at this one - running a time that's pretty slow for him actually.  Check out his times on Athlinks.  He's fast.