That settles it

I just had a beer with the Caretaker manager in our building, and he showed me these big art projects he's been working on, just for mental health's sake. Giant paper mache animals - mounted water buffalo and warthog heads and mountain gorillas and so forth. He said he just wanted to do something untainted and unforced and aside from work. I feel similarly about writing - it's basically for my own mental health and whoever-feels-like-reading's benefit. So, rather than going to the trouble of trying to work my little book into publishable shape, I've been inspired by his menagerie to post what I've written online, in serial form, across the next year or so. I'm going to do it at the following URL:

The introduction is up now if you want to check it out. I'll likely have to clean a few things up, but hopefully that won't prevent me from getting a new section up every week (It's currently about 57000 words, so I'll post about 1000 a week). This'll likely become more of a focus for me than blogging - please do provide feedback.

The book is the completely self-indulgent 200ish page story of my religious life - a sort of spiritual memoir, but that sounds really pretentious and saccharine, which I guess it might be. Funny (I hope), maybe informative for people who've been around me through my various religious transitions, and possibly even helpful for others who've wrestled with angel's.

I'd love it if you would sign up to follow it and direct others who might be interested to the site. I have my pride, and I want people to read it. Plus a lot of it is pretty embarrassing, so it should make for good reading.