I need a brain break

My anatomy studying is killing me, so here's a quick thought that I've been sorting out about my relationship with ministry and religion:

I've said here that a main reason I'm out of religious practice is that I'm not healthily compatible with 'the system'. What I mean by 'the system' is really about the types of cross-relationships that I developed in ministry. It might not be a significant issue if you aren't employed in the church, but the nature of my job used to be that I developed relationships that were simultaneously social, professional, and spiritual. When something goes wrong in a relationship in ministry, it's prone to throw your whole relational life out of whack, and mess with your personal spirituality. Relationship problems that were hard to untangle were what triggered me to realize that the whole ministry thing was having a negative impact on me in some pretty significant ways, and across most aspects of my life. Right now I'm feeling more into keeping my personal and professional relationships compartmentalized, and I feel like it's giving me some needed space.

Now I'm going to eat some food.


Unknown said…
Really good awareness. Most professionals who work with people need to keep things compartmentalized, but it's harder to do when your faith community is your employer. I have enough trouble doing one role well; I can't imagine multiple roles....