Just a few windows into my stream of consciousness that wouldn't quite fit into a status update.

1) Only two more weeks, and my half-sabbatical of half-time work and nothing else will be over. I'm going to miss the flexibility of the last few months, but I think I'm ready for things to pick back up. The end of this period means the official beginning of the next, where my vocational/educational energy is devoted to healthcare and human service, my personal energy is devoted to physical, social, and marital health, and my religious energy is devoted to whatever I want. The extended period of catharsis feels mostly complete.

2) I'm not sure what's up next religiously. My last youth meeting was last night, and my responsibilities to St. Margaret's are pretty much fulfilled. I was thinking in church yesterday that I've felt this weird pressure releasing around religious practice. I'm looking forward to having some freedom in this area of my life, and seeing where the stream flows. Next week at this time, religion/spirituality/God/magic/ritual will be a personal interest rather than a professional one for the first time since I was 18.

3) I'm going to take it easy the next few weeks. Mom's coming for a quick visit next week, which will be good. Sometime soon Angel and I need to set up our next race - maybe the SeaFair Triathlon?

That's it.


Unknown said…
I've been thinking lately about Buddhism and mindfulness and interacting with reality as it is rather than via the model I've constructed in my mind. I think this will ultimately make me a better Christian as I focus more on now and on experiencing God's creation directly, but it is also impacting my thoughts about the church, organized religion, and religious practice. I'm not sure where it will take me, but your blog posts about the stress associated with church are helpful to me as an all-to-common reaction. The presiding bishop's sermon yesterday about compassion, judgment, and whether or not the stranger is truly welcomed by congregations also feeds into my thoughts. I feel like we're teasing at the answers and with perseverance we'll be able to separate out the chaff (not that those metaphors mix well).

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing and good luck in the next leg of your journey!
mrsdearing said…
Tim, religion and a relationship with Jesus are too far different things. Sometimes you have to give up one to get that most important relationship back. God bless you!
Nathan Fireborn said…
Changes are anxiety producing for anyone. You seem to be meeting these changes well. Good luck with the next few weeks man!