A New Kind of Christianity

I'm headed out of town tomorrow, but before I leave I wanted to get in a post about the latest free book that the Ooze sent me - Brian McLaren's "A New Kind of Christianity". It turns out I already took longer than they wanted to write the review, so I figure I shouldn't procrastinate any longer.

In short, I'd say to read it if you have any interest in religion. I haven't really gotten into him before, but this one has helped me to see what all of the fuss is about. The book is a discussion of a series of questions that Christianity needs to address to continue to exist in a post-modern world. And they're all good questions, and he points to good answers. He indeed does have his finger on the pulse.

In related news, my Facebook friend Wendy Johnson wrote a great post the other day about emergent Christianity and pluralism. This, I think, hints toward the biggest question for me (which is one that McLaren doesn't get at directly in his book - though he does talk about related issues) - which is whether we should bother with reforming the traditional religions in the West, or whether they're no longer playing an intended or valuable social role. That's the big question for emergents. There might be some good answers. I'm not sure yet.

And now I'm going to Mexico.