Woe is Me.

It's been a while since I whined here, so I would like to take a brief moment to complain about trivialities on Day Five of my attempt to get back on top after vacation.

Four years, two months, and $25,000 ago, I finished my Masters degree. Four years ago almost to the day Angel and I moved to Seattle. At the time, neither of us wanted to get into a situation where we didn't have time to enjoy life, travel, spend time with friends, etc. My goal was to be ordained by 30, write a book, make enough money to support us, be financially stable enough to really decide whether or not to have kids, and generally not get wrapped up in the all-consuming American rat race.

Today I find myself consistently overcommitted to work (admittedly work I like) and unable to spend the time or energy I would like on my marriage and family. I also feel somewhat at risk because I haven't had health coverage in two years (a bike accident or unforseen illness will potentially bankrupt Angel and I). I haven't had paid vacation since I left New Zealand. I don't make enough money to pay our bills, and I feel guilty and a bit foolish about the fact that I'm preparing to rack up a huge amount of additional debt on more grad school in an effort to be ordained - which won't guarantee me better prospects financially, and which my wife will potentially have to largely pay off. My educational peers average 3 times my salary and live in the yuppie 600k townhouses with views that dot our neighborhood.

It feels good to get that out. Thanks for listening, and feel free to point out that there are people with real problems in the world. Back to work.



Ryan said…
you could always join me and become a Navy chaplain. free healthcare!!!
Dustin Cross said…
dude...i totally feel ya