Maintenence Blog

I haven't written in quite some time - I feel guilty - you deserve more than this.

Here's what I've been up to:

Finished out the youth school year with a 'Welcome to Summer Party' with Eastside teenagers throwing water balloons at each other and at me.

Went to the College for Congregational Development for a week, met some great new people and watched inappropriate movies with members of the clergy. And an appropriate movie. And did other things.

Went to Rev. JR Lander's Graduation Party. Met the parents. Didn't watch any inappropriate movies with members of the clergy.

Done some event planning for the aforementioned Pride Party and Eucharist. Think I might have gotten us into The Stranger - more coming soon on that hopefully.

Registered for classes at Seattle University - Pastoral Care Skills and Hebrew Scriptures.

Got permission from my Bishop to have made the aforementioned registration.

Cleaned up a little bit.

Watched as the rsvp'd crowd for Angel's Party this Saturday slowly grew into a potentially overwhelming number, depending on whether it rains or not (which it's supposed to).

Summer of Fun kicks off this weekend!