Obligatory Catchup Blog

Hello World,

It's been a long time since I've blogged - apologies, but life has been busy. It's happening again where I'm having productive days but still feeling behind the ball.

In any case, to catch you up, I'm right in the heat of the biggest hoop in discernment for the priesthood. This week I've been meeting with mentors and psychologists and other aspirants and friends to try to get ready for BACOM, which is a weekend (Feb. 20-21) I spend with the Bishop's Advisory Committee on Ordained Ministry (I believe) and present myself at their mercy. The psychologist gave me a pass today, which is reassuring. Waking up on a nice Seattle morning and having a shrink say nice things about you for an hour actually is a pretty good way to get going. Not cheap, but reassuring. Tonight it's off to coffee with some Aspirants. Next week it's a physical checkup and Shayne's in town for the big Murder City Devils show. It's also Angel's birthday on Tuesday, so I need to come up with something good for that ;). The week after that, it's spiritual direction and eggs and BACOM.

Meanwhile in work world, things are going well with my two jobs. Planning a few events for emergents in the Diocese of Olympia, lots of events for youth, and generally shmoozing and hobnobbing. I will have to give you some more details later. I also transcribed pages 110-114 of my rough draft today, and am hoping to have some more time and energy to write my silly little memoir soon. Not likely.

See you soon,