Some things to remember on election day

(I know you knew this was coming.)

Tomorrow I hope you'll vote, I hope you'll vote your conscience, and I hope you'll vote in an informed way. May the best party win in every election.

When you do vote, please remember that for the last 30 years, American social support systems have been allowed to decay by conservative (democrat and republican) leaders, and that the evidence produced by the grand social experiment called Western Society outside of the United States demonstrates that when political leaders put in place solid social policy that provides a functioning safety net for those at the bottom, establishes universal health coverage, funds education effectively and promotes racial and sexual equality, people live longer, healthier, happier lives, are better educated, get more vacation time, and pay no more than 1/2 as much as we do for more effective healthcare.

Please remember that in the last 8 years our leaders have parlayed the world's love for America after 9/11 into global hatred, ridicule and fear. Remember that the world loves the idea of America, but hates the reality.

Remember that children being raised today have a chance to see black people as presidents rather than as grocery clerks.

Remember that we're facing an environmental crisis and that our oil problem isn't going away.

If you're worried about higher taxes, please remember that if you put the right people in power, taxes pay for things that will make your life better. Remember that the rest of the (higher taxed) Western world is doing better than us by every indicator.

Remember that leaders who come from wealth generally don't understand what it means to be unemployed.

Remember that we're in two wars - one of which doesn't have a purpose, and one of which has been largely unsuccessful in accomplishing its purpose.

Remember that much of our 'foreign aid' comes in the form of bombs and guns.

Remember that our economic system currently funnels wealth from the poor to the rich. Remember who just got bailed out and who didn't.

Remember how long old, rich, white men have been calling the shots.

Remember that policy matters, and that it isn't all about personality.

Remember that we've been sold lies consciously and unapologetically, and remember that politicians have used our deepest spiritual values for their own gain.

Remember that when 1/6 of Americans break their leg, they have to choose between fixing it themselves and financial ruin.

Remember who's been shouting racial epithets.

Remember the number of people you know who are out of work.

And remember that there is always hope for change.

And, of course, remember that no one here is our savior and that we have a lot of work to do. Sign up to volunteer after you're done voting, and make an effort to provide some salvation yourself.


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