Liberal Americans singing for joy

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm sure that many of you gave thanks for our new complete-sentence using president elect.

I came across this video on Facebook because I have a friend (Dan Niven, who appears briefly at 5:46) who sings in one of the choirs featured in the video (The Total Experience Gospel Choir). Liberals are already sounding a lot different these days than they did a few years ago.

Here's a description of the song from YouTube:

Our most recent project has been the creation / composition of a new American epic song called "I Am An American". The purpose of this music is to provide a key piece to a new documentary being released this winter about Barack Obama. The story behind this piece of music is that the day after we returned from the Democratic National Convention in Denver where we released our new album 'Seven Songs For America & One For The World', we were contacted by a film producer named Maria Arita-Howard from Texas. They had come across our "Fired Up, Ready To Go" and "Making Fired Up, Ready To Go" videos and wanted to use the music and footage in a documentary called "Barack Obama: Who is this guy?". Since then, the film has been released in Blockbuster stores Nationwide. A few weeks after the film released to Blockbuster Maria had an idea of creating a piece of music for the extended version of the film that is being released this winter by Universal Pictures. We thought about the idea and proposed an idea of creating a piece of music that brings together three key themes, while telling the story of how great this country and its people are as told through Baracks own experience. This recording happened over a four day period. By providence we found ourselves in the recording studio on Election Night 2008 (November 4th, 2008) that amazing night that our country elected Barack Obama as president of the United States.

Insert appreciative or cynical commentary here:


Shayne Mathis said…
That choir is really white.