Last Days at Multifaith

Today was my staff farewell lunch at Multifaith Works, and I'll be finishing up officially in two weeks.

Last year at this time, as I was moving towards the end of my work at Specialty Bottle, I wrote a tribute post of my top 11 Bottleshop moments. I've been thinking that I should do something similar here but I'm not sure I can. At the warehouse, I could come up with 11 experiences that were endearingly idiotic, but Multifaith just hasn't provided the same kind of material. I'm not really in the mood for sentimentality, and that's probably what would come out should I write a top 11 Multifaith moments post.

So, just a word or two as I move towards the finish to say that it's been a pleasure and an honor to have been a part of this community for the last year. For the past six months or so I've been the token straight male employee, and I've taken it as a sign of love and acceptance to have been referred to as 'Tina the Lesbian' by the Queer women on staff, and to have been regularly asked 'Are you sure you're not a homo?' by the Gay men. Today I was told that my gay sweaters have made me the envy of the office (they're actually ex-gay, b/c I got them at a thrift store on Capitol Hill) and again had to take it as a sincere compliment and appreciative commentary on my place in the community. Acceptance within a culture that isn't one's own is a rare thing, and I've been lucky to have run into a group of people who've let me in.

I'm sorry to have to leave, but grateful for the people who are a part of my life now.


bertram said…
Tina, I think you rock. I'm so blessed by your humility, honesty, and insight.

See you next Sunday at the Grocery Outlet!

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