Goodbye for the weekend!

I'm off to spend my weekend with about 70 Junior High Schoolers.


sally said…
are you back yet? Interesting church activities require your commentary.
tim said…
yeah. what are the interesting activities?
sally said…
hmm well our news told us that the more conservative American Episcopalians are forming some coup, let by some white-haired vicar, to bring about their 'own branch' of the church. I know it's probably not new but our news presented it like it was.
Tim Mathis said…
Hmm. Definitely not new. 4 Dioceses and numerous parishes have voted to leave the ECUSA and (generally) align with another province of the Anglican Communion. This started with San Juaquin two years ago (I think?), and now Pittsburg has left, and most recently Fort Worth (which might be the one you're hearing about). There's an article on Fort Worth here:

There are 110 dioceses in the ECUSA. In general only the most conservative bishops (those that still won't ordain women, recognize the authority of our female primate, budge on the homosexuality issue, etc.) are leading their dioceses out. The congregations that vote to go then keep their church property, and those who want to stay in the ECUSA in their area have to regroup. It's a bit of a mess, and very revolutionary American - 'we don't like you, so we don't have to do what you want'. The strong liberal/progressive impulse in the ECUSA is also generally painted in revolutionary American, by the way - 'we don't care what the world thinks, we're going to do what we want.' Revolution isn't always the most responsible way to handle your problems, but it is the American way.

It's easiest to handle life in the church if you just pretend that it's all a big soap opera.

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