Other than that, everything's great.

In the last few weeks I found out I'm losing my job, that I might be hung up for another year in discernment, I got sick and my grandma passed away (today).


so basically, as of today, your life sucks.

i'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's death for grandmothers are very precious. were you close to yours? may she rest in peace.

and may you find some too.

p.s. another year in discernment? have you already done your 9 months within a discernment committee?
Eliacin said…
You and Angel are in our prayers. There is not much that need to be said in these times.

Tim Mathis said…
Thanks for the kind words from the both of you. Roberta, I was indeed close to my grandmother, and the loss comes attached to many good memories. I've been in the formal discernment process for about two years now, and have done 12 months with my committee. The good news is that things seem to be looking up in that department.

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