David Sedaris on Undecided Voters

Here. Important information to inform you decision next Tuesday.


Undecidedman said…
The way I heard the joke, the stewardess says to the passenger: “Sir, I know you ordered the chicken, but it turns out the chicken’s been stuffed with shit and broken glass. Would you like to switch to pasta?” “No I’ll stay with the chicken,” says the passenger, “I don’t really like pasta.”

It may be that this joke is stolen since it's the same one we undecided voters tell about David Sedaris. More in the post entitled "Opens and Closes" at www.undecidedman.com.
wes said…
this is in the top 5 stupidest fucking articles i've ever read. i'm just sayin.
tim said…
sedaris brings out the grumpy in everyone.

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