More complaining about health care

I've recently decided that I need to go to the doctor. Sooner rather than later preferably. The only problem is none of the doctors that I've checked with can give me an idea of how much a visit is going to cost. Not even a ball park estimate. I do okay financially but I don't have a lot of spare cash to throw around and the idea of walking out of a doctor's office with a $300 bill isn't very appealing. And what if I have to go back for additional visits?

I don't understand why doctor's offices can't have a menu or a price list or something. Everywhere else does. I mean, I can't even get an estimate out of any of them. I could go to a hooker and they'd even give me the prices ahead of time. Not a doctor though. With them I have to go in there and hope they don't run some test that's not covered under my insurance. Even if they don't I still won't know how much I'm going to owe until they're done with the visit. Am I calling the wrong offices or something?

This whole process is nothing but a hassle. I've been putting it off for a while now and I just want to get it over with. Are doctors just a bunch of a-holes who get off by jerking you around and then charging an arbitrary price they make up on the spot? And don't even get me started on my insurance company. I'm just going to go to a veterinarian. I took my cat to the vet a few months ago and he told me exactly how much it was going to cost up front. To top it he gave Augie (my cat) a kitty treat for being well behaved. The only "treat" I've ever gotten from a doctor was a surprise rectal exam.


Sarah T. said…
Shayne: That is why need to go to socialized medicine. Too many people have too little or not any health insurance.

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