Less Therapeutic. Thanks Josh. No Comment.

Addendum: A quote 6 of us discussed last night at Theology Pub seems appropriate to insert here as a point of discussion.

"Historically, religion always represented a threat to government
because it competes for the loyalties of the people. In modern
America, however, most religious institutions abandoned their
independence long ago, and now serve as cheerleaders for state
policies like social services, faith-based welfare, and military
aggression in the name of democracy. Few American churches challenge
state actions at all, provided their tax-exempt status is maintained.
This is why Washington politicians ostensibly celebrate religion – it
no longer threatens their supremacy. Government has co-opted religion
and family as the primary organizing principle of our society. The
federal government is boss, and everybody knows it."

-Ron Paul (click here for the full context of this quote)


wes said…
you should be careful bringing ron paul into this blog.
tim said…
I'm an affirmer of truth, whatever the source.

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