See you in a week.

When this posts I'll be on my way to San Francisco with the chilluns. Talk to you when I get back.

In the meantime, I'll pass over my responsibilities to Shayne. Here's a to do list for while I'm away:

1) Write inane posts on boring walks around town
2) Write inane posts on outdated books and movies
3) Write inane posts on local music that no one else cares about
4) Hatch inane crackpot religious theories
5) Post inane videos
6) Write inane grumpy and/or sentimental posts on politics, the problems with the world, or your local church
7) Write inane posts on how you're going to move out of the country (But don't do it. Don't ever do it.)
8) Feed the cats.



Anonymous said…
come back tim... shayne doesn't have time to entertain us
Shayne Mathis said…
If you only knew...
Tim Mathis said…
how bout a dancing monkey?

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