I don't care about John Edwards.

Unless you're completely cut off from the outside world you heard about John Edwards admitting to having an affair. He's been denying it since December and today he finally 'fessed up. But you know what? I could care less.

It's been less than one day and I'm already sick of hearing about it. When I was at the laundromat tonight CNN was on the television and that's ALL they were talking about. Pundit after pundit was paraded in front of the camera to say the exact same thing: "Ohhhh, John Edwards is such a naughty boy. He'll never be president now!" The talk radio shows were overtaken by callers shrieking about how Edwards is a hypocrite. Today's news amounted to nothing more than a bunch of 55-year-old office women bitching about what a skank Debbie from accounting is.

I DON'T CARE!!!!! I don't care at all. Is this really that big a deal? Is there really ANYONE in America that is actually surprised that some guy cheated on his wife? Yeah, he's an asshole for doing it but there are plenty of other assholes in the world that are guilty of much worse.

I get so tired of all this smarmy mock outrage that comes out of the media over crap that really doesn't matter. There are plenty of real issues that people should be getting upset over: People are still getting killed over lies in Iraq, America continues to hemorrhage jobs and millions of Americans continue to live well below the poverty line. Why aren't people up in arms over these things?

Anton Lavey was wrong when he said it's a shame stupidity isn't painful. It is painful - other peoples stupidity gives me a migraine.



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